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Global  Responsibility and Sustainable Actions

GLO-VET Context 

”GLO-VET – Making vocational education promote global responsibility and sustainable actions”, shortly called GLO-VET project, aims at tackling the most serious issue of our time – sustainable development and particularly climate change – by developing the professional skills of teachers in vocational colleges to integrate these topics in their teaching. Collaborative learning and gamification to motivate students and teachers will be our tools.

Sustainable development is already a part of the vocational curriculum, but inspiring and easy models

 are needed to carry out the whole learning process that is needed for our students to become as ambassadors for sustainability. It is important for an individual VET student or staff member to feel connected to the wider global (SDGs), European and local, municipality and regional sustainability plans.

More about the Sustainable Development Goals here


The direct and indirect participants of the project are VET teachers and students in the partner schools. 

More than 60 VET teachers

VET students reached on the topic of sustainable development through trained teachers

People reached through local actions

Project Outputs 

Learning kits

The UN Sustainable Development Goals will be explained here easily to understand for the students. Clicking on further information will lead to a webpage with the material related to that SDG.


Technology can be the media to reach to more people (students and schools/organisations), to broad expectations and ideas, expand content and new thoughts and also get feedback. And all this will happen in our (your) site.



Through gamification of the contents, students can experience how much they know about each SDG. By decision-making and answering and guessing they will get through the contents related to the project.


VET Teachers

For VET teachers to learn new pedagogical methods to mainstream UN sustainable development goals in their teaching, network with other teachers and share their experiences and good practices

VET Students

For VET students to develop their key competences, including social and intercultural competences, critical thinking and creativity, and to act collaboratively as responsible global citizens for a sustainable future

Schools and Institutions

For partner organisations to develop a whole school approach, and to ensure social and environmental responsibility of educational institutions taking part in the project


Bromangymnasiet, Sweden

Bromangymnasiet is one of the largest cohesive secondary schools in Sweden. All the students study for three years. We are 1600 students, 150 teaching staff and 50 support staff. Bromangymnasiet runs 14 national programs/pathways of both vocational and traditional academic orientation. We also run a Special School, an Introduction Programme and three National Sports education.

The shool’s motto is (to be): A school for All.

«Bromangymnasiet – a meeting place for students where they gain knowledge in active learning and attain a strong belief in the future».


Luksia, Finland

Luksia, Municipal Education and Training Consortium in Western Uusimaa offers vocational qualifications and tailored training to meet the needs of individuals, private companies and public institutions in Southern Finland. Each year Luksia caters for approximately 3,000 students in vocational education and hundreds of adult students with a staff of around 330.

Besides vocational education, apprenticeship programmes and employment office training programmes, Luksia also provides integration training for adult immigrants and preparatory training for vocational studies.


Ventspils Vocational School, Latvia

Ventspils Tehnikums (VT) is an educational institution with a long history and rich traditions. The school was founded in 1906 when it was a trade school, but in 1920 it became the Ventspils State Vocational School and in the following years served as an important training centre for young specialists. In 2008 the name of the school was Ventspils Vocational Secondary School, but since September 1, 2011, Ventspils Vocational School (Ventspils Tehnikums) has become a modern, prestigious methodological centre for vocational education, continuing education and vocational education based on knowledge and quality of the Republic of Latvia.


Alen Multimedia, Spain

Established in 1997, Alén is a company dedicated to the development and implementation of multimedia communication services, covering a wide range of areas: web, multimedia, design, marketing solutions, training, hosting… We are proud of our young and dinamic staff. Our team has a wide experience in the field, access to state-of-the-art technology and is at the vanguard of graphic design. We have a vast experience in work on producing websites, platforms, video games, learning modules… and any kind of product.



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